Call for Proposals


Thirrje për Propozime, PACT, Raundi 3

Thirrja 3 për Propozime e PACT/ANTTARC është e hapur deri me 25 tetor 2017, ora 17.00. Ju lutemi vini re ndryshimin lidhur me adresën për shkak të sistemit të ri të a... read more

Request for Applications

“Actions to Address Community Safety, Prevention of Violent Extremism, and Religious Radicalism”

The USAID Accelerated Civic D... read more

Annual Program Statement

The USAID “Accelerated Civic Development and Cooperation" project issues the Annual Program Statement (APS). Grants can be up to 30,000 USD in the f... read more

Request for Expression of Interest

The USAID Accelerated Civic Development and Cooperation Project in Albania will identify and collaborate with at least 60 organizations from civil society, public, and business sectors to asse... read more