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Civil Society

Civil Society

Enhancing civic engagement of young people (Albania; OSBE, 2014)

The Project Goal was “to enhance the engagement and participation in local decision-making of high school students.” Specific objectives included: To strengthen the capacities of civil society and youth on civic engagement in 4 main project intervention areas (Kukes, Lezhe, Peshkopi, and Puke); and To enhance democratic participation among young people, youth civil society organizations and promote the interaction between young citizens and local and central level institutions. Main project outputs included: 200 high school students will increase their capacity regarding debating skills, culture of dialogue, role of civil society in democratic process, concepts and models of civic engagement, relevant legislation, project design and implementation, youth strategies and action plans, etc; Youth will have resource materials that will help them in their efforts to better engage and participate in local decision-making; and Best practices regarding youth engagement and participation in local decision-making are shared. Main activities include: Training workshops with high school students, youth activities, development of training materials on democratic institutions and processes, and closing event to exchange best practices. The main target group includes: High school students from Kukes, Lezhe, Peshkopi, and Puke, including youth from the above-mentioned municipalities as well as surrounding communes; CSO representatives from these cities; Community representatives; and LGUs including municipalities and communes.

Building bridges between the parliament and civil society. (Albania; OSCE; 2013)

ANTARC received a grant from the OSCE Presence in Albania (Democratization Department) to design and conduct a series of workshops in 9 Albanian cities (Kukes, Bajram Curri, Puke, Shkoder, Tirane, Peshkopi, Fier, Vlore, and Korce) and a concluding regional round table focusing on the relationships between the parliament and civil society, especially participation of civil society in the legislative process. More than 100 Albanian CSOs were represented. Training courses on “Organizational Development of CSOs,” “Sustainability of Albanian CSOs: Challenges and Opportunities,” and “Strategic Planning for CSOs” (Albania; TACSO; 2012-2014) Two ANTARC consultants have designed and conducted three training courses focusing on organizational development, strategic planning, and capacity development and sustainability of Civil Society Organizations. Round 30 participants from 20 Albanian CSOs participated in each of these training sessions. Training on CSO sustainability was followed by a manual that was published with TACSO support. Training on strategic planning was followed by individualized technical assistance to develop organizational strategic plans.

Capacity building of Roma associations (Albania; NPF; 2011)

ANTTARC has been contracted by NPF (Help for Children) foundation to design and conduct a series of training workshops for Roma associations, partners of NPF in Korca, Tirana, Elbasan, and Berat. In this context, ANTTARC conducted raining courses in project cycle management and advocacy and lobbying.

Strengthening the Capacity of Albanian NGOs (Albania; CAAHT/USAID; 2005-2006)

ANTTARC has implemented a comprehensive capacity building program that is funded by the USAID through the Coordinated Action Against Human Trafficking (CAAHT). The program aimed at increasing the capacity of CAAHT grantees to successfully implement CAAHT funded projects and, therefore, their role and sustainability. Several training courses—Project Development, Training of Trainers, Organizational Development, Financial Management, Impact Assessment and Reporting, Advocacy, and Anti-Trafficking—and different types of technical assistance—on-site, help desk, via e-mail and phone, etc.—are conducted to achieve the program goal and objectives. 18 NGOs from different regions of Albania have participated in this program.

Strengthening the Capacity of Albanian Youth-Serving NGOs (Albania; BCYF/USAID; 2003-5).

ANTTARC has implemented two one-year capacity building programs involving 30 youth-serving NGOs from all over Albania. This program was funded by the Balkan Children and Youth Foundation (BCYF). It included training courses on organizational development, project cycle management, financial management, and advocacy and continuous on-site technical assistance to strengthen these organizations, increase their sustainability, and therefore their impact on youth agenda.

Montenegro Advocacy Program (Montenegro; ORT/USAID; 2002-2005)

ANTTARC has been a partner of the ORT-led consortium (FDDR Hungary also participated) that was established to implement the three-year USAID-funded Montenegro Advocacy Program (MAP). In collaboration with ORT and FDDR, ANTTARC focused on the MAP staff development including training on organizational development, leadership, training of trainers/training of consultants. In addition, ANTTARC has provided training on organizational development (board and staff) and leadership to the first round of five Montenegrin NGOs/MAP partners and, in collaboration with MAP staff, has provided technical assistance to MAP partners for the development of their OD materials. ANTTARC has also supported MAP staff in conducting training and technical assistance for the second round of 10 MAP partners.

Strengthening the Capacity and Sustainability of Albanian NGOs (Albania; NOVIB; 2000-1)

ANTTARC implemented a comprehensive capacity building program that aimed at increasing the contribution of civil society to Albania’s development and democratic growth through strengthening the institutional and delivery capabilities of non-governmental organizations. The experiential training and technical assistance packages designed and conducted by ANTTARC for 10 participating NGOs included the entire range of organizational development and management skills.

East Timor Human Rights Support Program (East Timor; Freedom House/USAID; 2001)

ANTTARC has partnered with Freedom House for the implementation of the USAID-funded East Timor Human Rights Support Program. In this framework, ANTTARC designed and implemented a comprehensive training and technical assistance program including seven training modules (organizational development, strategic planning, leadership, advocacy, organization management, project management, training of trainers) and on-site technical assistance on project development. 153 representatives of more than 13 human rights organizations and groups benefited from this program.

Institutional Development Grant Program (Albania; ORT/USAID; 1999-2000)

ANTTARC has guided the organizational/ institutional development of 8 Albanian organizations included in the Institutional Development Grants program (IDG). The training and technical assistance packages designed and implemented by ANTTARC include strategic planning, internal communication and project management to leadership and management skills and external relations. The program included NGOs’ Board of Directors and staff training retreats, Leadership Certificate Program, and continuous on-site technical assistance for the development and implementation of strategic plans and internal operating systems.