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Cross Sector

Cross Sector

Education and Training on Tourism Development (Kosova; ASB; 2011 – 2012)

ANTTARC has been contracted by the Arbeiter-samariter-Bund Deutschland e.V (ASB) to design and conduct a capacity building program on tourism development in the framework of “The Economic Development of the Prizren region through improvement of tourist potential, tourist infrastructure, establishment of a regional Tourist Association and rural tourist orientated business start-up” project funded by the European Commission Liaison Office to Kosovo. Main program components included: Education and training of 40 rural households through five two-day training courses on rural tourism; Education and training of 20 unemployed young individuals and women over 40 years of age through three training sessions; Education and training of relevant institutions and associations through five training sessions for staff members of local authorities in the municipalities of Prizren, Dragash and Suhareka and key personnel from associations within the target area; Provision of training for tourist guides and trainers through 15 training workshops for tourist guides, animators, etc.

Training Program for Local Action Group of “Bjeshket e Namuna” (Albania; SNV; 2010-2011)

ANTARC has designed and implemented a training program aiming at developing the capacity of the Local Action Group of “Bjeshket e Namuna.” The training program includes training courses in leadership and management, advocacy and lobbying, project cycle management, and rural development and European integration as well as the facilitation of the development of the local development plan. Participants are representatives of the local government, non-profit sector, and business from the territory of Bjeshket e Namuna.

Training Program in Leadership and Management (Albania and Monetengro; USAID/National Albanian American Council; 2007-2008)

ANTTARC has designed and conducted two four-course training programs in leadership and management for local government and civil society representatives from Shkodra and Lezha. A five-course training program in management was also conducted in Gjirokastra. The training program in leadership was also conducted in Montenegro for more than 15 representatives of different sectors, different ethnicities, and different areas in Montenegro.

Training program on project cycle management and organizational development (Albania; SDC; 2004-2005)

ANTTARC has collaborated with NADEL (Switzerland) for the design and implementation of a training program on organizational development and project cycle management for Swiss Development Cooperation partners. 11 SDC partners (including 7 non-profit organizations and 4 public organizations) participated in this training program.

Community Resource Identification & Development Opportunities (Albania; UNDP; 2000)

ANTTARC has implemented a four-month capacity building training and technical assistance program that sought to build bridges of understanding and cooperation between NGOs, communities, and local government in three Albanian prefectures–Elbasan, Fier, and Gjirokastra. The program was funded by UNDP Albania. The program aimed at developing local capacity by analyzing community priority needs, identifying and managing community resources, and formulating coherent development project proposals. The program combined in-class training as well as on-site technical assistance to identify ideas and write joint-project proposals for the development of respective communities. More than 60 people participated in this program representing 28 governmental organizations and 13 non-governmental organizations.