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List of Round 1 Projects

(R1-01) Participatory Budgeting for More Accountable Local Authorities (Fushë Arrëz; Pukë)

(R1-04) Initiative for Good Governance through Participation of Women in Decision-Making (Kukës; Tropojë; Has)

(R1-06) Equality in Decision-Making and Access to Information on Environmental Issues In Bulqizë (Bulqizë)

(R1-09) Forestry Active Citizenship against Corruption (Shkodër; Vau Dejës)

(R1-11) Monitoring Medical Sector in Lezhë (Lezhë)

(R1-13) Promotion of Transparency, Integrity and Anti-corruption in Public Services in Municipality of Kukës (Kukës)

(R1-16) Citizen Participation for Good Governance in Puka (Pukë)

(R1-18) Partners in Women’s Health (Tropojë) (

(R1-20) Improving Public Service Delivery in Has Municipality through Citizen’s Engagement in Monitoring and Evaluation (Has)

(R1-22) Citizen-led Accountability for Successful Governance (Kukës)

(R1-23) Citizens Act (Lezhë)

(R1-24) Strengthening Transparency of Local Institutions through Public Information, Public Participation in Decision-Making and Increasing Capacity of Civil Society in Monitoring and Addressing these Issues (Shkodër)

(R1-28) BORIA – Cooperation and Organization for Increased Initiative and Activism (Pukë)

(R1-29) Fighting Corruption in Forestry through Public Awareness and Collaborative Partnerships (Dibër)