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List of Round 2 Projects

(R2-01) Combating Corruptive Behaviour within Health System in Diber
Region (Dibër)

(R2-02) Active citizens’committees to monitor LG in Shkodër (Shkodër)

(R2-05) YOUpower: Youth Empowerment through Civic Engagement and Skills
Development (Shkodër)

(R2-07) Learning, Practicing, and Influencing Integrity Fellowship

(R2-09) Be the Voice of your County (Shkodër)

(R2-11) Enhancing Good Governance at Local Level by Empowering Citizens
with Regard to Public Service Delivery (Shkodër)

(R2-13) Youth in Action: Monitoring the Budgetary Execution Performance
of Lezha Municipality with Students in the Role of Watch Dog;

(R2-14) Civil Society in Action and Law Enforcement Against Corruption
with Public Properties in Kurbin (Lezhë; Kurbin)

(R2-20) Regional Natural Parks Need Sustainable Management (Shkodër)

(R2-22) Monitoring of Mechanism of Referral to Domestic Violence in
Local Level