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Request for Applications

Request for Applications

Actions to Address Community Safety, Prevention of Violent Extremism, and Religious Radicalism

The USAID Accelerated Civic Development and Cooperation Project in Albania provides grants to Albanian civil society organizations (CSOs) to enable them to carry out their initiatives. It seeks to award grants to CSOs working alone or in partnerships with other CSOs in the areas of Good Governance and Community Safety, Prevention of Violent Extremism and Religious Radicalism.

Deadline for submission of applications: 17:00 (Tirana time); 22/05/2018

Types of activities that can be supported through the grants include:

• Activities that promote the educative role of religious’ institutions on tolerance, inclusiveness, peace building, security, and co-existence.
• Activities that counteract the ideologies and recruitment agendas of radical religious groups by establishing forums in which active opinion makers, religious leaders and theologians take part;
• Activities that establish and promote models at community level for preventing religious radicalization, strengthening public safety, and community resilience.
• Promotion of forums of discourses on religion, society, state, and democracy values.
• Activities aiming at alleviating of perceptions and effects of social exclusion and marginality, particularly among youth.
• Programs on promotion of gender equality; awareness against discrimination; voluntarism; advocacy of youth issues; civic participation and activism; involvement in policymaking;
• Addressing concerns over denial of political and human rights and representing the interests and challenges of the vulnerable communities.

The USAID Accelerated Civic Development and Cooperation Project plans to award multiple grants for projects up to 12 (twelve) months. Grant funds may be used only for activities directly related to the implementation of the project.

The maximum grant amount is 20,000 USD. The fund available for this RFA is 40,000 USD.

Project implementation areas include: Kukes, Librazhd, Kamëz, Bulqizë, and Bathore

Only CSOs legally registered in Albania are eligible to apply under this RFA. Applicant organizations should also meet the following criteria:

• Have at least one year of operational experience.
• Have a governance structure that ensures proper rotation of leadership and delegation of power, including, at least: a Board of Directors, a Chairperson, and/or an Executive Director.
• Have a transparent system of bookkeeping that complies with Albanian legislation and International Accounting Standards (IAS).
• Must not be a debtor and must have cancelled any debt to the state or arranged for full debt payment prior to receiving the first disbursement of the USAID Accelerated Civic Development and Cooperation project grant funds.
• Must operate as an independent non-politically affiliated organization.
• Must not be debarred, suspended, excluded or otherwise ineligible to receive US Federal funding.
• Members of public administration and/or leaders of political parties cannot participate in a grant project, as a director or as grant-remunerated participant.

CSOs that represent women, sexual minorities, disabled persons, remote regions, and ethnic minorities are encouraged to apply.

Applications will undergo a comprehensive evaluation including the initial review and technical evaluation. For details, see RFA_CVE Announcement_2

Indicative timelines of the grant administration process are:

Deadline for requesting any clarifications: 10 May 2018
Clarifications issued by: 17 May 2018
Deadline for submission of Applications: 22 May 2018
Information to applicants on eligibility evaluation: 25 May 2018
Information to applicants on the technical evaluation: 12 June 2018
Improve and finalize the application: 15 June 2018
Conduct risk assessment, grant agreement, and vetting: 22 June 2018
Getting final approvals and signing grant awards: 10 July 2018

Questions relating to the RFA can be sent to ngocenter@icc-al.org. Answers will be published on http://anttarc.org.

Applications will be accepted no later than 17:00 Tirana time on 22/05/2018. Late or unresponsive applications will not be considered.

The USAID Accelerated Civic Development and Cooperation Project will accept proposals in English only.

Prepare your application according to the forms provided.

Download Project Proposal Form Project_Proposal_Form

Download Project Proposal Budget Template Annex_9.1_Project_Proposal_Budget_Template_F and Budget Guidelines Annex_9.2_Project_Budget_Guidelines_F

Applicants should submit their proposal (2 print copies and a CD) and required supporting documents during regular business hours (09.30 – 17.00, Monday through Friday) in a sealed envelope to:

USAID Accelerated Civic Development and Cooperation Project in Albania
Rruga Reshit Collaku, Pallati Bores, 1/20
Tirane, Shqiperi