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Public Sector

Public Sector

Regional workshops on implementation of the law on civil servant in LGUs (Albania; Council of Europe; 2013

ANTTARC, in cooperation with the Council of Europe project “Strengthening Local Government Structures and Cooperation of Local Elected Representatives in Albania” designed and conducted a series of workshops in 12 regions of Albania focusing on the implementation of the new law on civil servant. More than 60% of Albanian LGUs (384 municipalities and communes) were represented in the workshops.

Capacity development of the Albanian parliament administration (Albania; OSCE; 2002-2011)

ANTTARC has provided training and technical assistance to the staff of Albanian parliament administration. Main training interventions include: Training needs assessment of the parliament administration staff (2002); Training course in communication and team building (2003-4); Training course in organizational management and effective writing (2008-2009); and Training of Trainers (2011). Technical assistance interventions have focused on: Development of job descriptions (2009); and Development of training strategy (2011).

Support to Local Government Units (Albania; Helvetas Swiss Intercooperation Albania – Decentralization and Local Development Programme (dldp); 2007 – 2013)

Since 2007, ANTTARC is cooperating with Helvetas Swiss Intercooperation Albania/Decentralization and Local Development Programme (dldp) for the capacity development of the Local Government Units in project development and implementation. During the dldp Phase 1 (2007-2009), ANTTARC has supported six local government units from the Qark of Shkodra (municipalities of Fushe-Arrez, Koplik, and Puka, and communes of Dajc, Gur i Zi, and Vau i Dejes) in project development and implementation. During dldp Phase 2 (2010-2013), ANTTARC has provided training and technical assistance support in project cycle management and public procurement and fund access to LGUs of Shkodra and Lezha regions. It has also contributed to national dissemination of experiences relating to Project Cycle Management with a Focus on Inter-LGU Cooperation. During dldp Phase 3 (2014-on), ANTTARC has developed the study on Tropoja Functional Area Programme. It has been awarded the winner of the competition “Piloted Functional Area Programme: a development methodology for LGUs in the frame of Territorial Administrative Reform.” (May 2015)

Training program in anti-corruption (Albania; USAID/National Albanian American Council; 2008-9) 

ANTTARC has designed and is conducting a series of five training courses on anti-corruption for the representatives of communes from the Prefecture of Tirana. This training program has been developed in close collaboration with the Association of Communes and is organized and funded by the National Albanian American Council.

Implementation of the Records Management System (Kosova; PAI/DFID; 2006-2007)

ANTTARC has provided technical assistance for the implementation of the records management system in the office of Prime Minister of Kosova.

Training program in management skills and report writing skills (Kosova; ATOS/DFID, 2007)

Contracted by ATOS/DFID project supporting the establishment of Kosova’s Ministries of Justice and Internal Affairs, ANTTARC designed and conducted a training program in management skills and report writing skills for officials of Ministry of Justice and Ministry Internal Affairs of Kosova.

Support to the Training of Public Managers in Albania (Albania; SIDA/TIPA; 2005-6)

ANTTARC trainers have been involved in designing and conducting the training modules on resource management for public administration in the framework of the Support to the Training of Public Managers project funded by Swedish International Development Agency (SIDA) and implemented by United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) in cooperation with the Training Institute for Public Administration (TIPA).

Capacity Building Facility for Kosova (Kosova; UNDP/SOROS; 2004-5 and 2009-2010)

Two ANTTARC consultants have provided two one-year coaching services to the Director of the Institute of Public Administration of Kosova (KIPA) and the Director of Tourism at the Ministry of Trade and Industry of Kosova. CBF aims at offering senior governmental officials of Kosova highly-skilled regional and local consultants to serve as their coaches and advisors on leadership and change management.

Regional Infrastructure Program (Albania; USAID/Booz Allen Hamilton; 2001-3)

ANTTARC has been the local partner for Albania of Booz Allen Hamilton for the implementation of the Regional Infrastructure Program (RIP)–a USAID initiative under the Stability Pact. ANTTARC has closely collaborated with Booz Allen Hamilton in organizing and delivering a series of workshops that focused on Project Cycle Management and Procurement. Participants represented Ministry of Construction, Tourism and Territory Adjustment, Ministry of Transports, National Procurement Agency, etc. The workshops aimed at increasing the knowledge and use of international standard project management and tools while concurrently developing the capacity of the professionals from selected institutions. ANTTARC also serves as resource centers for issues of infrastructure projects.

Organizational development of the Institute of Social Policy (Kosova; CARE; 2002)

ANTTARC consultants assessed the management of human resources within the Institute of Social Policy of Kosova (ISP) and assisted the ISP to develop human resources policies and procedures (evaluating staff competencies, training needs, internal communication/ reporting, staff appraisal, etc.). In addition, ANTTARC provided training on research methods and techniques to the ISP staff.

Local Government Decentralization Program (Albania; UI/USAID; 2001)

In partnership with the Urban Institute (UI), ANTTARC designed and delivered training and technical assistance program on Budgeting and Financing as part of the local government decentralization program (2001). This program provided policy and technical training to a broad range of Albanian leaders and decision-makers, local government officials and technical personnel on the decentralization strategy that devolves budget authority and responsibility to local government, requires improved local government organizational and technical skills and much enhanced citizen participation. To increase program impact, ANTTARC also designed and led a Training of Trainer (TOT) initiative.

Kosova Protection Corps Organization Development (Kosova; IOM; 2000)

ANTTARC has implemented a comprehensive training program for the Kosova Protection Corps funded by the International Organization for Migration. 60 KPC senior managers and 550 KPC middle managers throughout Kosova participated in training courses on human resource management, people’s strategic management, communication with the media, and administration. A two-week needs assessment preceded the five-month training program. ANTTARC successfully applied innovative methods to achieve program objectives. As a second phase, ANTTARC advised the senior managers of Kosova Protection Corps (KPC) to formulate the objectives, budget and allocation policies for KPC departments/units and terms of reference for high-level positions and senior managers of the KPC.