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Public Opinion Survey


Public Opinion Survey


Public Opinion Survey regarding services provided by Social Insurance Institute (SII/World Bank, 2010).

In the framework of the World Bank funded Social Services Delivery Project (SSDP), ANTTARC has closely collaborated with the Social Insurance Institute of Albania to design and conduct the Public Opinion Survey. It aimed at realizing an overall picture about the citizens’ knowledge and awareness of the social insurance system in Albania, types of beneficiaries, and payment of contributions. Based on the analysis of the survey data, conclusions and recommendations regarding different issues including citizens’ awareness of the right to pension, informing people on benefits from and contributions ti SII, and improvement of the pensions’ administration by SII were presented. The survey was conducted in all 12 regions of Albania where there are Social Insurance Directories including Berat, Dibër, Durrës, Elbasan, Fier, Gjirokastër, Korçë, Kukës, Lezhë, Shkodër and Tiranë. Different methods were used to ensure the necessary information including review of SII documents (also including the Communications Strategy developed by SII), interviews, and observation of the individual behavior. 2730 people were interviewed representing different categories according to age, gender, their relations with SII, and education level.