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Rural Development in Puka District


Rural Development in Puka District


Rural Development in Puka District (AGROPUKA, 2012).

In the framework of the Phase 1 of the We Effect funded project “To Contribute to the Sustainable Improvement of the Livelihood of People in Puka Rural Areas” (2011-2013), ANTTARC has supported AGROPUKA experts to design and conduct a study on Rural Development in Puka District. The study aimed at assessing the situation of rural development in this district and providing other stakeholders focusing on Puka with information about the district. Specific objectives of the study included: (a) Analysing the situation regarding rural development in Puka; and (b) Identifying problems, successes, and needs and priority intervention areas. Information was ensured through review of existing studies, statistics, and other documents as well as interviews with representatives of local institutions including local government, agriculture, education, health, social security, and employment.