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Request for applications

One request for Applications has been issued seeking proposals regarding actions to Address Community Safety, Prevention of Violent Extremism, and Religious Radicalism. The USAID Accelerated Civic Development and Cooperation Project plans to award multiple grants for projects up to 12 (twelve) months. The maximum grant amount is 20,000 USD. Deadline for applications is 15 September 2017. Read more

One Open Request for Applications that will target a broad range of organizations. It will be launched in June 2018. Through this RFA, it is expected that the project will provide grants to approximately 10 civil society organizations. The implementation of winning projects is expected to start in October 2018.

Requests for Applications for civil society organizations participating in organizational assessment and technical assistance activities. In this framework, the Project will administer three RFAs during the life of the project. Each RFA will target participants of every two rounds of organizational assessment/technical assistance.