First Round Table: Platform of CSOs for the Coordinated Monitoring of Electoral Processes

On June 20, 2024, ANTTARC successfully held a round table at Hotel Mondial as part of the “Participation of CSOs in electoral processes for a stronger democracy and accelerated integration in the EU” project. The event was organized by ANTTARC in partnership with the Institute for Political and Legal Studies and focused on developing the “Platform of CSOs for the Coordinated Monitoring of Electoral Processes.”

The summary of the event:

  • Registration and Welcome Remarks: The day commenced with registration and welcoming remarks, setting a positive tone for the discussions.
  • Introduction to the Project: Attendees received an overview of the project’s objectives, highlighting the pivotal role of CSOs in promoting electoral transparency and participation.
  • Interactive Sessions: Participants engaged in interactive sessions focused on strategies to enhance CSO involvement in monitoring electoral processes, fostering lively discussions and collaborative efforts.
  • Q&A and Open Discussions: Thought-provoking Q&A sessions and open discussions provided opportunities for deepening understanding and exchanging perspectives on electoral monitoring practices.
  • Lunch and Networking: A networking lunch provided a relaxed environment for participants to connect, exchange ideas, and build relationships.

The event was marked by insightful conversations and productive exchanges, thanks to the active participation of all attendees. We extend our sincere appreciation to everyone who contributed to the success of this event.


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