Managing Creative Cities

From 2008-2011, ANTTARC has managed the “Managing Creative Cities 2: Maximizing the Potential of Albanian Cities” project. It has been funded by the Swiss Cultural Program. The project aimed at promoting the philosophy of creative cities in different parts of the country. “Creative Cities” focus on cities’ social and economic development through innovative and inspiring use of their cultural values and traditions. This project seeks to enhance participation of all community
actors by strengthening the human capacity relating to the development and management of projects that contribute to the social and economic development of your city, fundraising, and establishment of networks between “creative cities.” Groups from different cities in Albania will receive grants to implement innovative projects. At the same time, the project will organize training workshops and on- site coaching for project participants to enable them to successfully implement Creative Cities projects. The project is supported by the Swiss Cultural Program (SDC/Pro Helvetia).


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