Enhancing Youth Civic Engagement

In 2014, with funding from OSCE Presence in Albania, ANTTARC
has designed and implemented a project to “Enhance civic engagement of young people”. This project
aimed at increasing the knowledge and skills of high school students to participate in the public life.
Overall Project Goal is “to enhance the engagement and participation in local decision-making of high
school students.” Specific objectives include: To strengthen the capacities of civil society and youth on
civic engagement in 4 main project intervention areas (Kukes, Lezhe, Peshkopi, and Puke); and To
enhance democratic participation among young people, youth civil society organizations and promote
the interaction between young citizens and local and central level institutions.
Main project outputs include: Increased capacity of round 200 high school students regarding debating
skills, culture of dialogue, decision making including role of civil society in democratic process (i.e. such
as election), concepts and models of civic engagement, understanding of the role and functioning of the
local government units and state institutions (i.e. watch dog function), relevant legislation, project
design and implementation, youth strategies and action plans, etc; Youth will have resource materials
that will help them in their effort to better engage and participate in local decision-making;
Best practices regarding youth engagement and participation in local decision-making are shared;
training workshops with high school students (training sessions and final public debates); Youth
activities such as meetings with CSOs and public personalities, local action initiatives, analysis of the
youth strategies, policies and programmes, etc.; Development of training materials on democratic
institutions and processes; Closing event to exchange best practices.
Project beneficiaries included: High school students from Kukes, Lezhe, Peshkopi, and Puke, including
youth from the above-mentioned municipalities as well as surrounding communes; CSO representatives
from these cities; Community representatives; LGUs including municipalities and communes.
For its implementation, ANTTARC cooperated with its partners at central as well as local level. It
engaged public personalities for the public debates and local coordinators for the organization of
training sessions and public debates and realization of different youth activities during the project life.

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