Support to Local Governmental Units

Since 2007, ANTTARC is cooperating with Helvetas Swiss
Intercooperation Albania/Decentralization and Local Development Programme (dldp) for the capacity
development of the Local Government Units in project development and implementation. During the
dldp Phase 1 (2007-2009), ANTTARC has supported six local government units from the Qark of Shkodra
(municipalities of Fushe-Arrez, Koplik, and Puka, and communes of Dajc, Gur i Zi, and Vau i Dejes) in
project development and implementation. During dldp Phase 2 (2010-2013), ANTTARC has provided
training and technical assistance support in project cycle management and public procurement and fund
access to LGUs of Shkodra and Lezha regions. It has also contributed to national dissemination of
experiences relating to Project Cycle Management with a Focus on Inter-LGU Cooperation. During dldp
Phase 3 (2014-on), ANTTARC has developed the study on Tropoja Functional Area Programme. It has
been awarded the winner of the competition “Piloted Functional Area Programme: a development
methodology for LGUs in the frame of Territorial Administrative Reform.” (May 2015)

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