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Episode 100: Hang Out With Us In NYC! ADVERTISEMENT

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Looks like we made it! Well, to episode 100, at least. To celebrate hitting the 100-episode milestone, Jason and James have decided to treat themselves to a shorter show as the guys take a quick look back to the start of The Grey NATO. After the brief retrospective, don't miss the introduction of a new Q&A format for future episodes and preliminary details for the true Episode 100 event ?a hangout with Jason and James (along with others from the HODINKEE team) in NYC next month.

Where it all began. James and Jason at Baselworld 2014 (thanks Mike!)

That's right: Cross off the evening of March 18 on your calendar as the TGN boys have a venue and would love it if you could stop by and say hello. More details to follow so stay tuned to TGN and HODINKEE for an official RSVP in the coming weeks.

Finally, Jason and James want your questions for a re-vamped Q&A segment in future episodes. For the new Q&A, please use the voice memo app on your phone to record your question (along with the usual name and location) and email the recording to [email protected] The boys are excited for the return of Q&A and can't wait to hear from you and answer your questions "on-air.?Just press play for all of the details, and thanks so much for listening over the past 100 episodes.

Show Notes

2:46 The First Episode of TGN

8:37 Our interviews:

Cory Richards "Nims?Purja Rolf Studer Paul Scurfield

12:00 Episode 66

12:50 The new Q&A format (record your question with the voice memo app on your phone and email it to [email protected]).

15:48 Gold From The Deep ?The Salvage Of The Century

16:19 Stalin's Gold

17:40 The Intelligence Coup Of The Century

20:34 The Conversation

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