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Episode 101: A Proper Q And A Megasode ADVERTISEMENT

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The boys are back and brimming with triple-digit episode energy. Episode 101 features, well, you (assuming you were in the first 12 listeners to send a voice memo Q+A question). For those who might have skipped Ep. 100, there's a new Q+A format in town, with Jason and James asking you to record your questions like a voice memo and then email them to the show. The boys got a bunch, so here is a wide-ranging episode with voices from all over the world.

The Solid State fake watch ?what do you think? (image via the brand's Kickstarter).

From re-falling for a fake watch still in your collection to fake watch servicing, EDC, and the future of gas cars in an electric world (and so much more), Jason and James were thrilled by the response that the new format received, and they hope you love this question-packed episode. Stay tuned to the end for a set of final notes that has Jason and James at odds over a strange new watch. Just press play, thanks for listening, and a huge thanks to this episode's sponsor ?Alps & Meters!

Show Notes

6:25 Jason's post about not buying a 50th birthday watch

13:00 Ocean 7 LM-5

13:56 Astor and Banks Sea Ranger

14:08 Doxa Sub 200

28:10 Seiko SKX007

33:10 Alps and Meters

34:08 Classic Waffle Sweater

35:29 The Touring Oxford

43:16 Calibre de Cartier

46:09 The James Brand Elko

47:20 Swiss Army Knife

47:59 Benchmade Mini-Grip 556S

48:48 Benchmade Proper 319

49:18 Aaron Shapiro's look at the 319 Proper

49:50 Belroy Hide And Seek

50:47 Fraser Kit Co Wallet

54:32 TGN Episode 52 with Watchmaker Jason Gallop

56:26 Newmark Chronograph

1:05:00 James?Seiko SKX007

1:05:50 SKX779 Black Monster

1:06:25 Jason's Replica Rolex Submariner 14060M

1:12:20Top Shots From The 2019 International Landscape Photographer Of The Year

1:13:35 The Solid State Watch

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