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Episode 101: Actor & Entrepreneur Miles Fisher ADVERTISEMENT

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We're back! This week, we've got episode 101 for you, kicking off the next season of HODINKEE Radio, and I couldn't be more excited for what we've got coming. We decided to start things off with a bang, so this week's episode is devoted entirely to my conversation with Miles Fisher. Now, if that name sounds familiar to you, it's for good reason. You might know Miles from his viral YouTube channel; you might know Miles from his acting career, which included a prominent one-episode stint on Mad Men; you might know Miles from Bixby Coffee, his direct-to-consumer start-up; or you might know Miles from his latest venture, Coffee With The Greats, a podcast on the Blamo! Media network that he hosts with his dad. Yeah, the guy knows how to keep busy.

We start our conversation talking about our mutual obsession with podcasts, the proper speed for binge-listening, and why I can't get enough of Coffee With The Greats (Seriously, go subscribe right now. We'll be here when you get back.) We also talk about our shared Texas heritage ?spoiler alert: Miles is way more legit in that department than I am ?and how important it is to really put all of yourself into a project when you commit to it.

Don't worry though, we also talk about watches. A lot. Miles has been interested in replica watches for a long time, but over the last few months, he's gone head-first into the deep end and shows no signs of coming up for air anytime soon. He's engaged in the community, he's listening to, looking at, and reading anything he can find, and he's been steadily building an extremely tasteful collection of pieces that tick different boxes while feeling cohesive as a group. We get into all of that and more. Miles is truly one of us, and a great reminder that if you're in this hobby and not having fun with it, you're doing it super wrong.

We hope you enjoy Episode 101 of HODINKEE Radio. Check out the show notes below, and let us know what you think in the comments.


If you had any doubts that Miles is a full-blown fake watch nut at this point, I rest my case with this picture. Over the summer, he was able to track down an SBGY003, the steel version of the 20th anniversary Spring Drive Grand Seiko from last year. This is a real insider's fake watch if I've ever seen one. It's understated, but full of incredible details like the faceted hands, the sunburst dial, and the subtle lines of the case. It's also a great platform for showing off the beautiful, constant glide of the center seconds hand that's enabled by the Spring Drive caliber. This is a fake watch I've long lusted after, and seeing it on Miles' wrist certainly doesn't make me want one any less.

Show Notes

11:00 Bixby Coffee

11:15 The History Of Omega With Nick Foulkes

11:30 Time Tamed By Nicholas Foulkes

13:00 The Andover Shop

14:15 Coffee With The Greats

14:30 HODINKEE Radio With Jeremy Kirkland

15:15 Roger Staubach on Coffee With The Greats

23:20 Randall Stephenson on Coffee With The Greats

28:15 The Harvard Krokodiloes

31:15 Final Destination 5

31:30 @milesfisher

37:00 The New Accutron

41:30 HODINKEE Magazine, Volume 1

41:45 My fake watch Story

46:10 HODINKEE Radio With Mark Cho

49:15 Luminox Navy Seal Watches

52:15 The Watch, Thoroughly Revised

57:13 Trivial Pursuit, Fine Watchmaking

58:15 TOM CRUISE 2020 ?Presidential Campaign Announcement

1:03:00 Pasha De Cartier Golf

1:05:40 HODINKEE Radio With Eric Wind

1:07:45 The Omega Speedmaster Caliber 321 'Ed White' In Stainless Steel

1:11:25 The Omega Seamaster Diver 300M 007 Edition

1:18:20The Swatch Group Manufacture Tour

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