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Episode 102: Desert Island Picks (And The Meetup Has Been Postponed) ADVERTISEMENT

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Hot on the heels of a very popular Q+A episode, the TGN boys are back with some sad news. Due to the public health concerns surrounding the spread of COVID-19, the TGN hangout slated for March 18 has been postponed. While Jason and James were very much looking forward to it, they don't want to be an active element in getting people sick. Once the risk has been minimized, the meetup will be rescheduled.

Back to the episode at hand, it's a special TGN spin on the classic "what would you take to a desert island?question. From essential items to requisite booze, books, and breakfast cereal, it's a veritable how-to for being a well-prepared recluse.

Island James. Don't ask.

Stay in the mix for high-pressure final notes that look into the history of the HeV, and offer up a great list of adventure books that are just as good the second or third time as they are on the first read. If you have a question for the guys, be sure to record it as a voice memo on your phone and email the file to [email protected] so it can be included in a future Q+A episode. Thanks for listening ?just press play!

Show Notes...

10:17 Desert Island Discs

11:37 Kind of Blue - Miles Davis

14:40 Helplessness Blues - Fleet Foxes

18:00 Blue Meridian - Peter Matthiessen

23:30 Endurance - Alfred Lansing

25:50 Replica Rolex Submariner 14060M

27:14 Doxa Sub 300 50th Anniversary Searambler

29:14 Willet Bourbon

29:51 Tobermory Scotch

42:00 "The Doxa HRV?- Perezcope

43:45 ? Classic Adventure Books We'd Read Again and Again?- Outside Online

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