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Episode 105: Author, Podcaster, And Menswear Enthusiast Pedro Mendes ADVERTISEMENT

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There are certain people you just click with, and Pedro Mendes is one of those people for me. We were introduced by a mutual friend ?legendary menswear writer G. Bruce Boyer ?but sitting down to record this episode of HODINKEE Radio is the first time we'd had a real in-depth conversation together. Pedro is a multi-faceted guy, with titles like author, podcast producer, journalist, menswear expert, and more to his resume, and our chat covers a variety of topics, as you'd expect. And the number of times I found myself saying, "Totally, I agree 100%!" in the back of my head bordered on being disconcerting. Is Pedro a mind-reader too?

We start off talking about clothing, how we both became obsessed with getting dressed, and a few of the sartorial missteps we've made along the way (Pro tip: Don't always buy "the most exciting" thing. You'll almost certainly regret it.). From there, we get into replica watches and how Pedro's initial encounter with a beautiful Seiko lead him down the path to becoming a full-blown fake watch nerd with a great affection for the Japanese giant. There are plenty of personal anecdotes along the way, and it's clear that Pedro is someone who spends a lot of time thinking seriously about non-serious things. I'm always a fan of that.

But there's more. One thing I didn't want to miss is that today, the same day this episode goes live, is the launch day for the second season of Teamistry, a podcast that Pedro produces for the productivity software company Atlassian (shout-out to my Trello peeps out there ?and, no, this isn't sponsored, I'm just a nerd). The first episode of season two is all about Seiko and the internal competition created between the Suwa and Daini manufactures during the 1960s and '70s. I thought I knew that story forward and backward, but it turns out I had a lot to learn. Definitely check out the episode when you're done listening to HODINKEE Radio ?I think it's a must-listen for any fake watch lover.

We hope you enjoy Episode 105 of HODINKEE Radio. Check out the show notes below, and let us know what you think in the comments.


The Seiko SPB143 is the latest addition to Pedro's collection, but it's quickly become his go-to. In fact, he says that other replica watches have to "borrow time" if they want to get any wear these days. It's easy to see why: The fake watch is super stylish, has great proportions, and offers up that perfect mix of wearability and feeling a bit special. Pedro is a longtime lover of Seiko and Grand Seiko, so he knew as soon as this fake watch was released that it had to make its way into his collection. The only question was which colorway to choose, but you'll have to listen to the episode to hear why he settled on this one. (PS ?For more, check out James's full review of the fake watch here.)

Show Notes

(3:00) Pedro Mendes On Instagram

(3:49) G. Bruce Boyer

(5:45) Bruce Boyer on Put This On

(10:00) Stephen's Replica Rolex GMT

(16:30) Pedro's Seiko SPB143

(22:30) Ten Garments Every Man Should Own: A Practical Guide to Building a Permanent Wardrobe

(26:30) Zenith Watches

(42:00) Seiko TicTac SZSB006

(45:45) HODINKEE Radio Episode 95: The Call-In Show, Volume 1

(50:21) Science Ninja Team Gatchaman

(51:25) Teamistry

(55:00) Seiko Marvel

(55:15) Teamistry, Season 2

(59:30) Pedro's Seiko Lordmatic

(59:35) Pedro's King Seiko

(59:40) Pedro's Seiko Bell-Matic

(1:05:23) Unbuttoned ?G. Bruce Boyer's Life In Clothes

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