The Albanian National Training and Technical Assistance Resource Center—ANTTARC, was founded in 1998 by the American ORT with the support from ORT/USAID Albania Democracy Network Program (DemNet, 1995-2000). Its ambition was to become an international caliber center with the capacity to strengthen Albania’s institutions. Its vision was “Shaping the Future by Changing the Present.” Its mission was “To build leadership through the implementation of new, creative, and effective strategies and initiatives for NGOs, government, and business to ensure sustainable social, economic, and political development.”

ANTTARC goals included:

1. Supporting CSOs’ capacity development and organizational sustainability through customized training and technical assistance as well as involvement in projects;

2. Contributing to CSOs’ involvement and participation in public decision-making by increasing their capacity in advocacy and lobbying; 

3. Contributing to the capacity development of public institutions through training and technical assistance and involvement in the implementation of developmental projects.

ANTTARC was also established as a model–perhaps the first in Albania–of an Albanian-led and staffed organization exemplifying the highest international standards in all its operations, structure, policies, and accountability.

During 1998-2000, in the framework of the Democracy Network Program, ANTTARC designed and implemented the Institutional Development Grants program. It supported 8 Albanian civil society organisations with institutional development grants aiming at transforming them into local resource centers that would support civil society organisations of their specific sectors regarding capacity development.

Since July 2000, when the DemNet Program came to an end, ANTTARC continued its journey as an independent Albanian non-profit center. It also developed its international profile by expanding its geographic coverage to other Balkan countries (Kosovo, Montenegro, and Macedonia) and beyond (East Timor). It also expanded its sector coverage by including public sector as well as business. Since then, ANTTARC has designed and implemented hundreds of capacity development and other projects. It has established cooperation relationships with tens of international organisations to fund its projects and has partnered with tens of local and foreign organisations to implement the projects.


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