Anttarc Donors

For the realization of its project proposals, ANTTARC has applied in the framework of international donors’ programs and projects and has established and maintained excellent working relationships with them. Donors of ANTTARC projects include European Union, USAID, American ORT, Creative Associates International, Freedom House, Booz Allen & Hamilton, Helvetas Swiss Intercooperation, Swiss Cultural Program (ProHelvetia), NOVIB, IRC, MCI, SNV, KtK, IOM, UNDP, etc.

Anttarc Clients

ANTTARC has provided training and technical assistance services with the support of different organizations, mainly international and domestic non-profit organizations having capacity development components part of their projects and programs. ANTTARC’s clients include Save the Children, Junior Achievement, Diakonia Agapes, Hekp for Children (NPF), Vatra, Agropuka, ALCDF, Albanian Savings and Credit Union, etc.


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