Our Focus

Good Governance & Anti-Corruption

ANTTARC has been active in civil society efforts in the fight against corruption, especially at the local level. It has actively participated in the consultation organized by the Ministry of Justice in the frame of the Inter-sectoral Strategy against Corruption and Action Plans. It has also participated in the activities of other civil society organizations focusing on good governance and anti-corruption. 

ANTTARC has implemented the Partnership Against Corruption Together (PACT) project (funded by the EU Delegation in Albania, which targeted 15 municipalities of Northern Albania. It aimed at strengthening the role of civil society in promoting good governance and fighting corruption at the local level in Albania and contributing to the promotion of good governance and rule of law at local level.

It focused on the capacity development of civil society actors to carry out initiatives focusing on good governance and anti-corruption at the local level and network to advocate for the implementation of legislation and policies. It also provided financial support to civil society organizations to realize initiatives for good governance and anti-corruption at the local level.


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