Our Approach

ANTTARC believes in the power of change and aims at making the change happen through “…new, creative, and effective strategies and initiatives…”. The pressing need is to encourage greater capacity development, awareness, and participation by Albanian institutions and local communities. Organizational and individual skills are both needed and high standards of quality and accountability should not be compromised. ANTTARC also believes that the best results are produced through projects integrating a strong capacity development component thus enabling project actors and beneficiaries to implement effective and efficient projects that also provide for impact on society and sustainability of results. It recognizes the importance of developing effective advocacy skills and the effectiveness of coalitions of communities, NGOs, local government, and businesses. 

ANTTARC’s portfolio includes:

1. Training, consultancy, study, and research services to non-profit, public, and business sectors. ANTTARC’s expertise has continuously expanded including:

  • Organizational assessment and organizational development;
  • Community assessment and community development/mobilizing;
  • Local government and decentralization;
  • Project cycle management;
  • Project/program assessment;
  • Leadership;
  • Public policy and advocacy;
  • Gender awareness;
  • Training needs assessment;
  • Training of Trainers/Training of Consultants.
  • Off-site retreats and training programs;
  • On-the-job training and technical assistance and coaching;
  • Help desk services;
  • Domestic and international internships and study visits.

ANTTARC provides its services to both sophisticated and less mature organizations. It customizes them to the needs of the specific audience based on comprehensive needs assessment and leaves behind comprehensive resource materials. All training and consultancy activities and materials are developed, as needed, in Albanian as well as in English. Training and technical assistance is provided in several ways. ANTTARC experience suggests that a combination of approaches is most effective.

2. Project management. ANTTARC also manages projects in different fields including organizational development, citizen participation, development through culture, rural/tourism development, etc.

ANTTRC has immensely invested in human resources development. Upon its establishment, staff received comprehensive training and technical support including training retreats, training of trainers/training of consultants, regional internships, on-the-job training, and ongoing professional and personal development. ANTTARC has a first-rate library. Always improving, ANTTARC continues to work to sustain its commitment to excellence and reputation as Albania’s premier training and technical assistance organization.


Contact us

Rruga “Reshit Çollaku”
Pallati Bora, Hyrja nr. 1, Apt. nr. 20
Tirana, Albania