First round of organizational assessment completed (on site assessment visits conducted during 9 May – 17 May 2017) – 30 June 2017

In the frame of the first component of the Accelerated Civic Development and Cooperation, the first round of organizational assessment has been completed with the participation of ten Albanian organizations.

In March 2017, the USAID Accelerated Civic Development and Cooperation Project selected the first ten Albanian organizations to participate in the organizational assessment. During April-May 2017, the Project staff collaborated with these organizations to conduct the organizational assessment. Through a collaborative effort, needs of the organizations relating to organizational development and management, project development, and advocacy as well as good governance and anti-corruption have been identified. Also, the Project staff identified, in cooperation with the organizations’ staff, the technical assistance methods and activities that will be used to produce best results. These needs and technical assistance interventions were summarized in the Individual Development Plans that were developed for each participating organizations. The first round of organizations assessment consisted of 9 non-profit organizations (New Era, Fier; Vlora Youth Center; Leadership Development Association Albania, Tirane; New Bridges, Berat; DISUTNI Albania, Korce; Education and Training for Democracy, Tirane; Reflections, Tirane; Observatory for Child Rights, Tirane; and Tirana Art Center, Tirane) and one social business (Pana Storytelling, Tirane).


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