PACT Project

The Partnership Against Corruption Together (PACT) is funded by the EU Delegation in Albania in the frame of the “Civil Society Facility/ Civic Initiative and Capacity Building” (Lot 1- Promotion of good governance and fight against corruption). It is implemented by: Albanian National Training and Technical Assistance Resource Center (ANTTARC) in partnership with the Albanian Local Capacity Development Foundation (ALCDF) and ACT for SOCIETY Center (AfS). The project targets 15 municipalities of Northern Albania (regions of Diber, Kukes, Lezhe, and Shkoder). Beneficiaries include 80 Civil Society actors from 15 municipalities of 4 regions of Northern Albania including CSOs, CBOs, grassroots, youth and citizen groups, civil society activists, and local media
associations and journalists.

Overall Objectives: To strengthen the role of civil society in promoting good governance and fighting corruption at local level in Albania; To contribute to the promotion of good governance and rule of law at local level in Albania.

Specific Objective: “To increase the engagement of CSOs in 15 municipalities of Northern Albania in good governance issues and fight against corruption by strengthening their capacity and funding their initiatives”.

Main Components: Capacity development for civil society actors; Civil society organizations advocate for good governance and anti-corruption at local level; Financial support to civil society organizations to realize initiatives for good governance and anti-corruption at local level.

Capacity development activities include:

  • TOT and regional training workshops in good governance and anti-corruption for civil society representatives;
  • Training workshops on investigative journalism; youth civic engagement, and project development;
  • Technical assistance and coaching on organizational development and project cycle management.

Advocacy and networking activities:

  • Setting up and supporting regional forums for good governance and anti-corruption;
  • Advocacy campaigns for good governance and fight against corruption; and
  • Developing an on-line platform for good governance and anti-corruption.

Financial support to civil society organizations:

  • Administration of 3 sub-granting rounds. The sub-grants’ budget is 500,000.
  • 41 relevant and effective CS initiatives that promote good governance and fight corruption at local level will be implemented through the PACT Fund.
  • Types of activities eligible for financial support: Watch dog activities/monitoring of the performance of municipalities, municipal councils, administrative units, and/or de-concentrated institutions; Monitoring of services; Monitoring of implementation of current legislation; Participation of civil society/citizens in local decision-making, priority setting, budget development and implementation, public investments, and service delivery; Citizens’ monitoring and vigilance to demand accountability and corruption free services; Community mobilization for constructive engagement with public institutions; Public hearings; Citizen report cards; Information and awareness campaigns on right to information, right to services, etc.; Policy and assessment studies/research; Media strengthening and campaigns.


Capacity development

  • One three-day Training of Trainers in Good Governance and Anti-Corruption for 17 civil society representatives.
  • TOT participants conducted four one-day regional training workshops in good governance and anti-corruption for 86 civil society activists.
  • Two rounds of regional training workshop in good governance and anti-corruption are conducted prior to each round of sub-grants.
  • 2-day training workshop in investigative journalism for 15 local journalists and representatives of local media associations.
  • 2-day training workshop in youth engagement and activism for 15 young people.
  • Two-day training workshops in project development are conducted prior to each round of sub-grants. 44 civil society representatives have attended.

 Advocacy and networking

  • 4 regional forums on good-governance and anti-corruption are established in Lezhe, Kukes, Shkoder, and Diber.
  • Anti-corruption platform.

 Financial support to civil society organizations

  • 1st Round of Sub-Granting   
  • 2nd Round of Sub-Granting
  • 3rd Round of Sub-Granting


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