Sustainable rural development in Deshati Region (Deshati LAGs)

With EU funding (in the frame of IPA Cross-Border Programme FYROM-Republic of Albania, 2007-2013), ANTTARC implemented the “Sustainable rural development in Deshati mountain range region: Deshati LAGs” project. It aimed at supporting the development of rural and mountain tourism in the Deshati mountain range region. In this context: Deshati Local Action Group is established and is active in local development; Strategies of tourism development for the Deshati mountain range region are developed; Households involved in rural/mountainous tourism have increased their capacity in service provision; Coordination of touristic offer from two sides of the border has improved; and Cooperation between local actors across the border is promoted. The project is being implemented by ANTTARC in close cooperation with the Albanian Local Capacity Development Foundation (ALCDF—project partner) and the Regional Council of Diber (associate partner).


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